COCO Cafe & Cedar Opportunities Co-operative


Cedar Opportunities Co-operative (COCO) is an incorporated cooperative whose mission is to employ people with developmental disabilities within their community. COCO was founded by a group of families in the Cedar/Yellowpoint/Cassidy areas of Nanaimo, British Columbia, all of whom have adult children with developmental disabilities.

Provides a full breakfast and lunch menu, specialty beverages, frozen retail meals, and home-style baking within the cafe. COCO Cafe has become a local meeting place for the members of the community. The cafe makes almost everything that serves from scratch, subsequently, the COCO staff also learns life skills which will be helpful in finding meaningful employment in the future and can also be used in their everyday lives. As time goes by and their skills advance we also see their confidence levels advance ultimately resulting in a happier and healthier lifestyle. When excess revenues are generated by operations they are used to raise the social impact by increasing the number of supported employment hours.